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Clenched Fists in Protest - Stefano Oppo from baseimage

Protect brave human rights defenders around the world by making a donation to SouthernDefenders today.

HRDs in need of emergency support can reach SAHRDN 24 hours a day. When we receive a request for we immediately initiate a rapid response process to verify claims, assess a defender’s need, and organise an appropriate intervention. We provide emergency responses such as legal advice, medical support, evacuation, and relocation. DefendDefenders also provides long-term support to HRDs, allowing them to continue their activism and avoid gaps in the struggle for human rights. 

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Your generous support makes it possible to protect those that put themselves at risk defending human rights.

Our Guarantee

100% of your contribution will be used to support at-risk human rights defenders who legitimately promote open and just civil society throughout the world.